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Twelve Basic Personality Types

Twelve Basic Personality Types

Homeopathic Archetypes: Six Genotypes, and Six Phenotypes
Homeopathic practitioners have long described their medicines ("remedies") by the "picture" they represent. Most of the literature commonly available about homeopathic remedies presents the negative aspects seen in illness. However there is a growing body of writing that talks about the personality and its attributes in a healthy state as well as under stress or attack by Disease.

This information can be very helpful in a person becoming more comfortable with their personality.

There is a progression from Emotion-centered to Intellect-centered types:

Sulphur/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus/ Calcarea/ Lycopodium/ Silica.

These have been grouped into two "families"

1. The Sulphur Family (Sulphur/ Lycopodium / Calcarea carbonica) -- which I understand to be more earthy/emotional, and,

2.The Silica Family (Silicea/ Pulsatilla/ Phosphorus) -- which I understand to be more spiritual/intellectual.

Under stress these decompensate into the following 6 (called "Phenotypes"):

"Stasis Neurosis" (Sepia/ Staphysagria/ Lachesis) -- "blockage of energy from the suppressive impingement of the environment", censure from others, etc., and,

"Psycho-Neurosis" (Arsenicum/ Natrum muriaticum/ Nux vomica) -- Reich's psychoneurosis: "blockage of energy stemming from internal prohibitions, termed repression".

Genotypes: Sketches of the homeopathic personality types

These contain only a fraction of the details that could be given.

The "online" links include illness-focused descriptions. For more uplifting observations of the homeopathic types in Health, see the books mentioned above.

Sulphur Family:

Sulphur: (From the element Sulphur) Strong, hot, fiery personality, generous in giving out energies and money. When stressed or ill may show self-aggrandizement, over-taxing his/her ability to give, become dirty, smelly, disorganized. Would rather rip off a button than deal with a challenging buttonhole.

Lycopodium: (From Club Moss: protective cover for the earth; dried, burned in science class to make a volcano.) High self-esteem, resilient, adaptable, can burn brightly. When stressed or ill may become detached, distrustful of extremes (intellectual or emotional), avoids confronting problems on deeper levels of relationships.

Calcarea carbonica: (From Oyster shell) A pearl, lustrous personality (Mozart, Helen Keller), can be a very hard worker. Understands others, by nature a nurturer. When stressed or ill may become isolated, defensive, obstinate, insecure, lethargic, and inactive.

Silica Family:

Silica: (From Sand, quartz) Many facets, durable, holds to principles, conscientious. When stressed or ill may lack animal warmth, cold hands and feet, lasting exhaustion from mental exertion, hard, inflexible, critical of others and self.

Pulsatilla: (From the Wind Flower). Delightful personality, radiant, lovely in moving with the winds of events. When stressed or ill may feel blown about, changing mind, dependent on others for support. [May 2008: Has innate sense of the value of human relationships and God's plan for human society. Fairness and support are expectations, and lack of receiving these from society can be extremely distressing.]

Phosphorus: (From metallic Phosphorus, which burns brightly) Radiates a captivating energy, spontaneous and calls upon her/his strong psychic sensitivity and extrasensory perception. When stressed or ill, they may lack sustained energy to carry out their plans, and their many imagined goals may dissipate and be unrealized.

Phenotypes: Following are negative aspects of personality presentations evident under stress. These are not fixed, and can be remedied back to more balanced type in the above basic six:

"Stasis Neurosis"

"Stasis Neurosis" -- "blockage of energy from the suppressive impingement of the environment", censure from others., etc.

Sepia: (From the black ink of cuttlefish.) Overworked, exhausted, tolerates dysfunctional family ("I've got to do well"). Hides emotions. Weepy.

Staphysagria (From Stavesacre, a green plant.) Mental depression, hysteria, hypochondriasis, sexual excess or prior sexual abuse.

[NOTE formerly they theoretically classed these symptoms as being Graphites: (From graphite or black lead.) Depressed; anxious; sluggish thinking; tearful, weeping; thoughts of death. However, this has clinicaly shown to be Staphysagria]

Lachesis: (From venom of Bushmaster snake) Strong sex drive out of control if not in committed relationship. Possessive. Addictive behavior.


"Psycho-Neurosis" -- Reich's psychoneurosis: "blockage of energy stemming from internal prohibitions, termed repression".

Arsenicum: (From Arsenic oxide) Perfectionist. Overdoing things. A controlling personality. Competitive. Pride. Strict regimentation (as in healthcare program, athletics). Fears for safety, of family and self. Fatigue.

Natrum muriaticum: (From Table Salt) Sensitive, impressionable, sadness, weary from life, resentful, bears grudges, difficulty expressing emotions, fears closed spaces, does good works but fears is a failure; intense hopes and dreams.

Nux vomica : (From the "Poison Nut") "Type A" personality; driven; sensitive; feels everything strongly; capable of hard work and diligence; receptive and intelligent.

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